Simon Code of Conduct

Open and direct communication

Compliance with all relevant laws & requirements

Integrated management system

Zero-defect strategy

Avoid waste, emissions & wastage

Economical & resource-saving use of raw materials & energy

Consistent & sustainable elimination of product & process malfunctions

Compliance with all occupational health & safety requirements

High quality products

All contribute to the security of the company & the preservation of jobs

Quality-, environment-, energy- & information security conscious thought & action

Claim to be best-in-class

Protecting our information assets with advanced security systems

High standards of plant safety and security systems to protect the environment, neighborhoods and employees

Acting in difficult situations


Sustainable business practices are the basis not only for tomorrow’s world, society and the economy, but also for each individual INDUS employee or business partner. The cornerstones of the INDUS culture are the division of central requirements and their independent implementation and management in the subsidiaries. In addition, there is a shared understanding of values and risk minimization for sustainable corporate development. The whistleblower system “SpeakUp” creates additional trust and security through its clearly defined structure for reporting and the escalation process, which is accessible to everyone. By pointing out grievances, damage can be averted and the sustainable success of the Group can be ensured.
Notifications can also be made via public channels. The access to "SpeakUp" mentioned below serves this purpose. In Germany, the legislator generally stipulates that internal reporting has priority.

Access to “SpeakUp”
Please note that the link below leads to an external website.
SIMON Sinterlutions
Phone: +49 800-1801733
Access code: 20535



SpeakUp Guide
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Privacy Information for Whistleblowers
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